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Keith McDaniels is all about empowering fathers and building strong families! His passion for fatherhood inspired him to start his popular blog PreNupPops.com., in which he candidly deals with blended family issues for prenuptial couples. After being married for 17 years, and experiencing a vitriolic divorce, he lived through the darkest years of his life in which he lost everything. It was in that dark period that he realized “Ain’t Nobody Coming!” to help him recover his life. Keith developed the courage to face personal defeat, depression, and suicide to rediscover his identity, and drive to “go hard” in pursuit of his life’s purpose. He is currently engaged to the most beautiful joint the world has ever seen! Keith has (6) kids bio-seedlings, and (2) additional sweet-hearts that belong to his soon-to-be wife! He’s an entrepreneur (hustler), and author. Fatherhood is his calling and passion. If you are one of them “G’s” that hold it down for their “blended” fam, but haven’t taken them nuptials, then this book is for you!

Email: admin@prenuppops.com

Office Phone: 757.632.0270

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