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The “Sex” Talk…Already?!

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As many of you know, if you follow my blog, that I’ve been in the parenting game for a long time. My oldest daughter is 22 years old, and my middle daughter will be 20 years old this month. So as you can imagine, I feel like a vet in the game. When my girls hit that age where you could see they lil potential coming out, I kinda freaked out! They weren’t in training bras, and I was already seeing them as grown women. Of course as a dad, all I could think about was them thirsty a$$ lil boys trying to get a peak at my little “flower.” Well, that was over a decade ago, and times have changed. Little girls seem to be developing these days into their bodies waaaaayyy earlier than when my girls were coming along. Now that I’m a PreNup Pops, and have 2 seedling little girls to parent, I have the daunting task of protecting their physical “development.”

At the beginning of last summer I noticed that my oldest (step) seedling shorts were “really” short! I paid it no mind until a couple days later I noticed her chest had some new “developments.” I thought to myself, “damn, I know that ain’t what I think it is?!” As the summer progressed I noticed that my lil seedling had a whole lot more “movement” behind her when she walked. Real talk My G, I was very apprehensive about saying anything to her momz about it. I’m extremely careful when it comes to mentioning anything to my lady about the girls physical “developments.” Dawgg, you have to be cognizant, and discrete about how you assist in fathering these little girls. Always protect yourself, and make sure you handle yourself with integrity at all times. I don’t care how “cool’ their momz is, make sure you cover your a$$. I finally mentioned to my lady what I observed. I was relieved to know that she had noticed the same “developments.” My lady even let me know that she had already began to talk with her daughter about her menstrual cycle, and other feminine topics in preparation for her daughter’s future growth. However, I was still concerned. My seedling was going to intermediate school the following school year, and I was concerned about her being around the older boys. I wanted to make sure she was mentally, and emotionally prepared to be around those “older” dudes.

A couple of weeks before the new school year started I spoke with my lady about having the “sex” talk with lil lady. I thought it was important for me to provide fatherly direction, and perspective with her daughter about sexuality. I explained to my lady what I had done with my older daughters, and what some of my philosophies were when it came sexuality. We were in complete alignment (miracle) about many of the same ideas regarding how to guide the kids about sex and their sexuality. So, I asked Babe did she mind if I led a conversation with lil lady about what “our” position was regarding “sex” as a household. I warned my lady that I would be candid, but very tactful. She was down for the talk!

Right before the school year started Babe, and I took lil lady out for Carmel Frappes, and fries! (my oldest seedling is “ghetto boushy”) When we began the conversation, I could tell lil lady was apprehensive. But because her mother was present, and her vibe was assuring, it seemed to make lil lady more comfortable. That was important for me as a father figure because it allowed me more flexibility to establish my position. As a PreNup Pops you have to strategically maneuver your influence with your step seedlings. We spoke for about 45 minutes about everything from boyfriends, to kissing, to sexting, to “anatomy.” That conversation was a mile stone in my relationship with lil lady. She displayed a degree of maturity that I had been wanting for her to embrace. I was fatherly proud of our conversation, and felt that lil lady could sense that I love, and care for her deeply. My G, this blending game ain’t easy, but if you stay consistent bruh, there is a silver lining to every chapter. I promise you that! And as for that “sex” talk, hit me up! I’ll give you the “real” daddy version, so you can be ready when it’s your turn!  Holla at me!!!

What's good fam!!! I'm a divorced father of (8), and currently engaged to the most beautiful joint I've every seen! Let me break it down (6) kids are my bio-seedlings, and the other (2) sweet-hearts belong my soon-to-be wife! I'm an entrepreneur (hustler), and author. Fatherhood is my calling and passion. This blog is for My G's that hold it down for their "blended" fam, but haven't taking them nuptials. I'm all about empowering fathers and building strong families!

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