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A Letter to My Sons!

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First, I love you! There is no greater pride in this world than to look in your face, and see an expression of myself. You are my unblemished contribution to this world. You are magnificent, strong, powerful, and blessed in all of your ways. There is nothing I want more than to empower your manhood, and impart the spirit of self attainment. Everyday that we’re not together, I fear that I have failed you, and that I am becoming the father I vowed never to become – Absent! I struggle to write these words because you deserve better. You are my sons, future kings in the earth, and because of decisions that have been made our lives have been altered forever. It is my greatest desire as a father to protect the seed of your greatness, and provide you with the wisdom I have acquired to further the prosperity of your life. Please accept these truths, and hide them deep within your heart…

Law I – Love and Prioritize Yourself Above All Others

Son, until you learn to value, honor, and respect who you are as a man, you will never be able to truly express real love. I loved your mother with everything in me. I gave her all that I had, and that was my greatest “mistake.” I made her the priority of my love, and not myself. I’ve always taught you to love your woman, but not at the expense of yourself. The essence of your nature is love. Your authentic expression of love is clothe in manhood. Therefore, accept and embrace your masculinity, and never allow anyone to define your manliness. This world is predicated on you never assuming your place of dominance in the earth. Defiantly resist any attempt to derail your existence as a man. Don’t let your wife, nor children define your life because of your “role” in the family. Your power resides in knowledge of self, and your freedom to initiate your independence. Your right, and ability to freely engage in growth according to your true nature, is critical to accepting what you have been put on this earth to be – a black man! Commit to progressively evolving as a man. Never let the dominant forces of this world determine your plight. Your path is one of greatness. The more determined you are to loving yourself, the more you will realize the power of your existence as a man.

Law IIPursue Self Attainment

To the degree you are able to master personal oneness, will be the degree of freedom you realize in your life. As a man it is necessary to develop confidence in your capacity to be independent. Don’t let anyone hinder your vision, and create for you a false reality of who you are as a man. Maintain a strong a sense of self, and internal fortitude. Your spirit is your existence, and your develop of conscience is your guide. I allowed organized religion to indoctrinate my mind. Don’t ever yield the crucible of your soul to man-made ideologies, and traditions. I primarily divorced your mother because I yielded the rights of my existence to her insatiable need to control every aspect of life. Because I didn’t love myself first, and became dependent on her approval, I lost my internal fortitude to attain for myself. My drive to attain was destroyed by the feminist objective of your mother’s selfish ineptitude to dominate my masculine spirit. Son, never cease to evolve, and continue to seek internal mastery. Don’t allow yourself t0 become a slave to the dictates of others. Remember, you have been given the distinction of “Adam.”

Law IIIExist In Your Purpose

You have been endowed with unique abilities, and talents that are specifically inherent to you. Your place in the Universe is designed around the activation of your uniqueness. Your personhood is derived from the uninhibited imagination of your mind. This is where you’ll discover your true self, and the eminence of fulfillment. Expand your distinction as a person through fearless assertion of ideas, vision, and energy. You are great because your very existence was crafted from greatness. So, learn how to function in your talents by following the urges of your instincts. Increase in ability by engaging the world with your creativity. There are no limits, son, to the manifestation of your existence. I failed my marriage by forbidding myself the freedom to exist in my purpose. I chose to limit my existence because I feared your mother’s incapability to embrace my purpose. Never apologize for being gifted in your uniqueness. Who you will be is already in existence. Purpose is not confined by time, but manifested through progressive evolution of self. 

Son, let these words be an epistle to your spirit. Don’t allow the disappointment of your parent’s divorce to plague the beauty of your heart. Your existence is by divine providence. You are the manifestation of perfect will! There is no mistake, nor default of outcome, that disrupted your life. Don’t accept the deceit, nor falsehoods projected upon you regarding my removal from “our” home. Be conscience of what you digest in your mind. I’m sure of my responsibility as a father to impart the wisdom of life into all of my sons. You are a heritage of my legacy, and the restoration of our family name. Be proud of who “we” are as men. You are my son, a black man full of distinction and grace. You are the beloved of the Most High. Walk in power my son, walk in power!

What's good fam!!! I'm a divorced father of (8), and currently engaged to the most beautiful joint I've every seen! Let me break it down (6) kids are my bio-seedlings, and the other (2) sweet-hearts belong my soon-to-be wife! I'm an entrepreneur (hustler), and author. Fatherhood is my calling and passion. This blog is for My G's that hold it down for their "blended" fam, but haven't taking them nuptials. I'm all about empowering fathers and building strong families!

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