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A Good Man!

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I woke up feeling solemn this morning. I didn’t know how many kids from my previous marriage I would hear from today. I’m not on the best terms with any of my adult kids, and my middle daughter doesn’t speak to me at all. It’s tough because I’ve always attempted to separate my issues with their mother from my relationship with my kids. I still see my adult kids as my babies. They will always have a special place in my heart as a father and a man. After all they’re half ME! Nonetheless, I still felt heavy emotionally. As I got out of the bed I kept hearing this song in my head. “All I want to be is a good man,…is a good man,….is a good MAN!” It’s a new joint by my man NE-YO, and even though it’s about being a faithful man to his wife, It still rang in my mind. All I want to be is a GOOD man to my kids (all of them).

I thought about all the fathers out there who may not be living with their kids, or in some precarious situation with their kid’s momz, or in a blended fam like me. I wondered if I was the only man that feels down on Father’s Day! I’ve been through difficult challenges with my both my baby momz, but does that make me not a GOOD dad?! Does none of the work that I’ve invested with my kids “count?” I’m sure on some level it does, but it sure feels like at times that nobody gives a s#%t about hard working dads who have made a few bad choices here and there.

Today, I just want to encourage the many GOOD dads who have genuinely been the best dad, and MAN to their kids they could be. There are no excuses, or passes I can offer you if you have made choices that have adversely affected your kids. That’s life! And WE’RE not perfect but we’re dads, and that’s REAL! Be proud of your kindred heritage, and feel excited for yourself that you were blessed with privilege to have seed that bare your image and name! I want every dad to be strengthened with the knowledge that your presence has been imprinted on the soul of each one of your children. And without YOU their significance in this world would not exist. Be proud of being a father no matter what the circumstances of your fatherhood is! You are “the man” and a “GOOD MAN” at that!

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