Did I Go too Far?!

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My oldest step seedlings has been having some issues with bullying at school. When I was first notified of the issue I was upset, but I didn’t want my fiance to go “overboard” with her emotions. You know how black momz can be when it comes to someone messing with their kids. So in my usual fashion, I laid out my “logical” plan on how to deal with this “emotional” issue. Of course I advised my fiance to speak with the teacher first to see if the issue could get resolved on the teacher level. I explained it would be offensive to the teacher to go straight to the principal without speaker to her first. I assured my fiance that if we worked the system, and followed protocol every thing would work out fine. Well, that was 2 months ago, and on this past Friday I acted an “almost” whole fool at that school!

First let me say that as a PreNup Pops I’m cool with supporting my fiance any way I can from a parental stand point. But I purposely limit my actions when engaging folk about the kids outside of our home and family. I realize that I have no “legal” rights or bullyjurisdiction when it comes to her girls, and I know if I extend myself the way I can, I could get myself into a jam bruh! I’ve already had one physical altercation, I’m trying my best to stay out of “jail” behind these kids my G! But it’s difficult to have a limit or boundaries when it comes to protection, and the kid’s well being, I honestly don’t know how to cut off my “daddy power” when it comes to making sure them kids are good!. Blended fam or not when it comes to protection and safety, those kids are mine when I’m around (fight me!).

So my fiance spoke with the teacher, and she was informed that the matter was handle by the Assistant Principal. Then the issue continued to persist. My fiance called the Assistant Principal herself, and the played phone tag for a couple of days. When my fiance was finally able to talk with the Asst. Principal, on Thursday of the previous week, she assured my fiance that the bully would removed from the class by this past Wednesday. After picking up the girls from school on this past Friday, my step seedling said that the bully pushed her on 3 separate occasions during the day. Mind you the bully said she was going to choke my seedling, told her to go back to Mexico (and she’s not even Mexican), and now she putting her hands on my KID??!! I was sitting on the couch chillin’, thinking about this cold Brew I’m about to enjoy with my cigar. Then my fiance brings my step seedling into the room and asked her to explain what happened at school. Before my seedling could get the first sentence out, I jumped off the couch got in my car and sped to the school! I was furious. I didn’t care about no protocol, no working the system, nor the fact the she wasn’t my biological kid. I was in full PreNup Pops mode.

For the sake of legalities I won’t go into full disclosure about the “confrontation.” All I can say is that the Asst. Principal, office Administration, Security, Check-In Clerk, a few noisy teachers, and parents sitting in the hallway understood my point, and what the (bleep) better happen by the close of school this Monday! When I got home, and vented again to my fiance, it dawned on me that I crossed my parenting thresh hold. I fully invested myself into the care of my step seedling. I had been so calculating and cautious about how I involved myself. I never gave my fiance a chance to share her input on how to resolve the matter. I was all in, or too far depending on how you look it. Regardless, when those girls are in my house, I don’t see their daddies or their last name not being the same as mine. I see 2 girls who are depending on me to be responsible for them. They expect me to function just like their dads, because well, I am their dad as well – as far as I’m concerned, but that’s for another post…


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