Sometimes You Gotta “Fall Back!”

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Man listen, I just need you to feel me on this right here! Have you ever felt exhausted as a PreNup Pops? I’m talking about that drained feeling even after a full night of sleep.  Lately my fiance and I have been going at it so much that I literally feel physically drained. I’m a pretty energetic dude, so it takes a lot to drain my energy bruh. But these last couple of months have been sucking me dryer than the damn Sahara Dessert! I know couples have problems, but when the issues persist over a sustained period of time, it’s time to “Fall Back” and see what’s really good.

Most of the time when my lady and I get into it, I start off calm and cool. My threshold for what I consider “non-sense” is pretty low. I’m an analytical thinker, and if ish don’t make sense to me, I shut that mess right down. Most of the time I try to go along with “Great Debate” (that’s what I call my fiance in my mind – please don’ tell her!), but I get very antagonistic and I’ll have to admit down right “disrespectful.” I’m pretty savvy with my vocabulary, and don’t mind “beating that a$$” with my words. My fiance, I feel, is 20160624_142538plain ol’ ruthless with her language though! And we both can get pretty loud. But the other night, after another Holyfield/Tyson round of arguing, I sat there thinking I’m exhausted! – something has to change. After the night was over, which ended up quite well for me, I woke up rather – “optimistic.” The one thing that my lady and I do is be pretty candid with each other, and speak what’s on our minds. So when I replay arguments in my mind, I have a pretty good sense of all that was said – or yelled! But this particular time I felt we truly emptied out. It actually felt good to not carry around all those lingering issues in my mind. I even came to realize that my fiance was (has been) right about a lot of things that I was unwilling to “considerThese are the times I’m glad she’s not afraid to let the Bulldog out and stand her ground. (I actually respect that quality in her a great deal!) 

Sometimes I overlook how disrespectful I can come off with some of my communication. I can be very dismissive and arrogant at times. Most of the time when we argue I’m so far into my own thoughts that I don’t even acknowledge my fiance’s place in the argument. Instead of hearing what she has to say, and consider (or even admit) that I maybe wrong, I relentlessly drive my point until I’m done. I take so much credit for my role as a PreNup Pops that I don’t really allow my lady to check me on jack! I feel like my work with her kids is so benevolent and “above reproach” that she shouldn’t question me about a damn thing! Bruh, I’ve been actin’ a damn fool up in this piece mane! Sometimes man you have to disengage for a minute a take a hard look at yourself. You can’t just keep gridin’ and gridin’ and never consider that you have some areas of weakness. My boo said the other night that I was her best friend, and that we should be able to talk to each other (about anything!) Sometimes bruh, we have to leave the tough guy persona out back, and be honest enough with ourselves to handle business on the real! – so that you can Stay Up and not Fall Back!


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