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They Still Not Feelin’ Me Though…

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So 3 days a week I drop off the girls to school. It’s literally a 3 minute drive from the crib, but whatever, I do it anyway. When the girls started the new school year I walked them to their class every morning. I felt proud to walk with the girls to class. I felt it really added to my PNPism‘! When the girls felt comfortable enough that they could find their way to class, and the school lady kept asking for my damn I.D. everyday, I just walked them to the front door of the school. I always gave them hugs and told them some encouraging statement before they walked off. My G, I felt like I was on my father s#%t, and building a strong relationship with the girls. Bruh, let me tell you, before I left for work, I woke them janks up, made sure they were presentable for school, fed them breakfast, and then walked them to school (that walking s#%t quickly stop though My G).

Everything seemed to be going well with the girls. But I noticed that they started giving me that “half homie hug” in the mornings. The girls are pretty affectionate, so in my mind20160807_180625I was like what the hell going on?” Which is another reason why I started giving them hugs in the morning. I’ve always felt a need to protect my personal space when it came physical contact with kids, especially little girls. So out of respect for my finance, I carefully watched how I showed physical affection to the girls (outside of horseplay around the house). But I knew the next level of my PNP relationship with the girls would be becoming more attuned to their need for physical affection. So I implemented the hugs a my strategy to get closer to the girls.

As the school year past, the girls didn’t seem to care so much about hugging. It got to a point where they would basically brush up against me to insinuate some type of “hug.” My n!gg@ I starting thinking to myself these lil chics are amazing. I knew they were aware of the lil half s#%t they was doing, but I felt like I had to keep it “G”, so I didn’t say s#%t. But as soon as their momz picked them up from school, they would hug her like she just got out of prison or something.

So today when we got to school we were a little early. We sat in the hallway near the office until the bell ranged. Once the bell ranged these lil janks hugged each other, the oldest girl gave me the same half a$$ hug, and youngest jolted down the hall like it was pay day. I was like daaaaamn, that’s what it is now?!

You can tell and sense a great deal if you pay attention to kids. For some this huggin’ thing is not a big deal. But for those who are blending families, it’s a good indication of the health of your relationships. As as PNP you got to understand that kids are not going to be very expressive of the personal feelings. My G it’s important to maintain an attentive eye with the seedlings. Because just when you think you’ve come a long way with kids, they’ll show you in some areas “they still not feelin’ yo a$$!

What's good fam!!! I'm a divorced father of (8), and currently engaged to the most beautiful joint I've every seen! Let me break it down (6) kids are my bio-seedlings, and the other (2) sweet-hearts belong my soon-to-be wife! I'm an entrepreneur (hustler), and author. Fatherhood is my calling and passion. This blog is for My G's that hold it down for their "blended" fam, but haven't taking them nuptials. I'm all about empowering fathers and building strong families!

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