Gender Household Roles

She think what she do and what I do is equal – N!gg@ please!

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First of all their ain’t too many women I’ve ever known that can out work me. Both my grandmothers, and my momz are the hardest working woman I’ve ever met. I get a great deal of my work ethic from seeing these women bust a$$ pretty much all of their lives. My Pops, even though I didn’t grow up in the house with him, I’ve heard legendary stories from my maternal grandmother about how hard of a worker he was even as a teenager. I said all that s#%t to say I’m one of 2 of the hardest working n!gg@s I know, and I just told you the first one!

So let me beak it down to you real simple dawgg – your woman should compliment your grind, but her contribution to the fam will never be equal to yours (period)! My G, first of all I’m 17 years older than my fiance. So there is a huge generational gap between us. So in terms of personal and family values there are quite a few differences. But I always thought hard work was universal! I had no f#%kin’ clue you had motivate a whole adult person to get up and grind and for themselves. What type of ish is that? My peoples didn’t raise me like that, so it’s hard for me to understand anything from an able bodied person that looks and smells like laziness.

I’m an entrepreneur (in every sense of the word), so I work at the crib. It was a 2 year decision, brought on by some life changing experiences, that finally produced the courage I needed to pursue my calling as a career. So I expect my grind to be on different level than my fiance’s. That’s a given! However, when it comes to the crib, I put in work (hard)! I fully expect my fiance to contribute to managing how our household functions. We have 3 kiddos. We got a lil  joint together, and she has 2 daughters. All the kids are single digit ages, so there is a lot of work to do all the f#%kin time. And with 2 girls, ages (5) & (9), them joints be off the chain errrday! I cook, clean, wash clothes (and fold them s#%ts), do dishes, grocery shop, change stank a$$ diapers, drop off/pick up from school, discipline kids, have play time, cut grass, take out trash, get my bio-daughter errrother weekend plus 2 days during the week, chase after my 19 month old, and still stay a fly a$$ n!gga! And then still make time to write books and other material for my businesses. My G, ain’t nothing left for my fiance to do (except hair)!

I used to catch fire about the inequality of work load in our crib. But the truth is I view my fatherhood as a calling, not just a 18 year part time job! That’s why as a PNP it is important to get your props for what you do. They ain’t giving out no PNP awards! I do this s#%t because I love it My G! So don’t let your lady fool you with that fake a$$ talk about how tired she is. Tell her you’re a PNP – the hardest job in the world!

What's good fam!!! I'm a divorced father of (8), and currently engaged to the most beautiful joint I've every seen! Let me break it down (6) kids are my bio-seedlings, and the other (2) sweet-hearts belong my soon-to-be wife! I'm an entrepreneur (hustler), and author. Fatherhood is my calling and passion. This blog is for My G's that hold it down for their "blended" fam, but haven't taking them nuptials. I'm all about empowering fathers and building strong families!

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